Universal Fence Co | Temporary Chain-Link Fencing
Universal Fence Company offers chain-link fence, free-standing panel fence, plywood fence, orange safety fence, and four or five-strand barb-wire fence as temporary fencing options, as well as all types of permanent fencing and barriers for commercial and industrial applications, including chain link (vinyl and galvanized), ornamental, wood, architectural designs, welded wire, guardrail, concrete traffic barriers, pipe rail, game fence, precast concrete, cable barriers, crash rated fence and gates, all types of gates in all styles both automatic or manual. Please call us with your requirements.
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Temporary Chain-Link Fencing

About This Project

Chain-link fencing with line posts driven into dirt, asphalt or concrete. Universal Fence Company offers temporary chain-link fence in standard 6′ and 8′ heights. 4′ height is available special-order. We are the only company that uses Schedule 40 posts and braces to ensure you will have a secure job site. Our competitors use a significantly lighter posts.


  • 11-1/2 gauge chain-link fabric
  • 1-5/8″ schedule 40 line posts, driven 24″ into dirt, asphalt, or concrete. Line posts are spaced with 12′ centers.

An additional charge applies for core drilling (coring) asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Diagonal bracing is installed are all terminals, ends, and gates.


  • Barb Wire
  • Flange Post with Concrete Anchors
  • Privacy Screening
  • Top or Bottom Rail
  • Top or Bottom Tension Wire
  • Gates*